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Singapore’s Latest Masterplan For ICT In Education Is Aimed At Further Transforming The Learning Environment For Students

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has unveiled Singapore’s third Masterplan for ICT in Education, which is aimed at further transforming the learning environment for students. Speaking at the inaugural International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) in August, Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, said Masterplan 3 represents a continuum of the vision of Masterplans 1 and 2.

“We want greater engagement of students to encourage more self-directed questioning and learning,” he said. “An interactive environment using all our senses will provide greater clarity and enhance content transmission and retention.”

The four goals of Masterplan 3 are to:

  • Strengthen competencies for self-directed learning,
  • Tailor learning experiences according to the way that each student learns best,
  • Encourage students to go deeper and advance their learning, and
  • Enable students to learn anywhere.

The masterplan will be armed with four strategies: bring ICT into the core of the education process, improve teachers’ ICT skills, improve the sharing of best practices among educators, and upgrade schools’ ICT infrastructure to keep up with developments. As part of the masterplan, bandwidth at schools will be increased to 1Gbps, which is in line with the Infocomm Development Authority’s (IDA) Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) masterplan.

MOE will reinforce the infrastructure where it is needed, and in phases according to the needs of the schools and their teachers. It will study how to increase the bandwidth speed for schools so that they can engage and empower students anywhere and anytime through mobile learning.

“If we succeed, we expect to see, a pervasive culture of innovative ICT practices across all schools and a corps of specialist teachers in every cluster who demonstrate a deep understanding of how ICT can transform teaching and learning both within and outside the classroom,” said Dr Ng.

In conjunction with the announcement of Masterplan 3 for ICT in Education at iCTLT, there was also a preview of the edumall 2.0, a joint-project between MOE and IDA. The edumall 2.0 will provide teachers with resources, learning ideas and approaches from varied providers. These will include the latest resources prepared by MOE, other national and international companies in digital educational materials as well as from partnerships with national institutions. Apart from serving the content needs of MOE schools, it is expected that edumall 2.0 will become a Learning Digital Exchange – a national learning content network that allows seamless access and sharing of teaching and learning repositories related to education for all learners.

Over the next few years, edumall 2.0 aims to provide every teacher with a wide range of interactive digital resources including full length videos, video clips, interactive websites, multimedia activities, lesson plans and visual, aural and textual archived resources. edumall 2.0 will build up a wide database of quality resources from trusted sources and provide an array of easy-to-use Web 2.0 tools and an effective search engine. In the future, edumall 2.0 may potentially even be made accessible to every student in Singapore.

Click here for the full text of the Minister’s speech.

Source: https://www.imda.gov.sg/infocomm-and-media-news/buzz-central/2008/9/singapore-unveils-third-masterplan-for-ict-in-education