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Who is GoTuition.sg?
GoTuition.sg is a Singapore registered tuition agency – Go Tuition Consultancy (Registration No:
53355839E) specializing in home tuition services and related services.

For Parents / Clients / Students

How do I request for a tutor from GoTuition.sg?
You may call us at 66399875 / 82822608 daily to engage your tutor. Alternatively, you may send us
your tutor request by clicking here.

Why must I engage your services?
We believe in providing you with fast and professional services. We are able to assign you a suitable
and reliable tutor that meets your requirement and expectations within 60 minutes upon your

Do I need to pay for engaging your services?
In fact, your cost of engaging our services falls on your tutor. We charged 50% commission from your
tutor during his/her first month of tutoring your child. Hence, we will collect 50% of the first month
tuition fee as commission from you. In short, our service is free.

How much commission does GoTuition.sg charge for engaging your services?
We charge 50% commission on the agreed first month tuition fee only. For example, if you engage a tutor
for $150 per month for a total of 8 lessons per month, GoTuition.sg will collect $75 (50%) from you
in the first month only for engaging our services. The remaining $75 (50%) for the first month goes
to your tutor.

When do I make payment to GoTuition.sg?
For example, if you engage a tutor for $150 per month for a total of 8 lessons per month, you will
have to make payment (50%, i.e. $75.00) to us at the end of the 4th lesson.

Are there any hidden costs involved for engaging your services?
No. There are no hidden costs or whatsoever.

How do I make payment for your services?
Payment will be collected from you either by our dispatch officers personally or through interbank
fund transfer mode or through online payment modes / paypal.

For interbank fund transfer mode of payment, what is the bank account detail for Go Tuition

You may transfer the tuition fee to our POSB Current Account: 757-08286-1.

Will you issue a receipt for our payment?
Yes. Official receipts will be issued once your payment is received by us.

What is the market rate to engage a home tutor?
The market rate to engage a home tutor can be found below. However, this serves as a guide only.
Actual fees may vary from different tutors, depending on their qualifications and clients’

Level Of Study Monthly Tuition Fee Duration Per Lesson Number of Lesson Per Month
Primary School S$150 – $240 1.5 8
Secondary School S$240 – $340 20 4
Junior Collage S$280 – $380 20 4


For Tutors

Do I have to pay to register myself as a tutor at GoTuition.sg?
No. Registrating as our tutors is free. Click here to register now.

What is the minimum academic qualification must I have before I can register with GoTuition.sg?
You need to hold at least a GCE ‘O’ level certification.

What is the minimum age requirement to register as a tutor with GoTuition.sg?
You must be at least 16 years old and above to register.

Will I be given a tutor’s account when I register GoTuition.sg?

What can I do with my tutor’s account?
You can update your particulars, upload your photographs, view available tuition assignments, apply for tuition assignments, view application history, etc.

Can I delete my tutor’s account if I decided to stop providing tuition services?

How much can I earn as a tutor giving home tuition?
You may set your own tuition rates. In general, your tuition fee depends on a few factors such as your academic qualifications, the level of study of your student, the budget of our clients, frequency of the tuition, etc. You may refer to the table below for a reference guide on the tuition fee.

How much commission does Go Tuition Consultancy charge?
We charge a commission rate of 50% of the tuition fee for the first month on our tutors. For example, if the agreed tuition fee is $150 per month, $75.00 (50% of $150) goes to Go Tuition Agency. We will collect the payment from the client directly. Hence, tutor will only receive $75.00 (50% of $150) in the first month from the client. For subsequent months (i.e. 2nd tuition month onwards), tutor will receive 100% of the tuition fee directly from the client.

Where will the tuition lessons be conducted?
Typically, tuition lessons are held at the home of the students, unless otherwise specified.

Does it mean that I will be the employee of Go Tuition Consultancy after registering as a tutor with you?
No. Registration as a tutor is free and on a voluntary basis. All tutors are independent person.